Indie Game Developer & Music Junkie

A little about me

Showcasing over 5 years of experience in programming, with a strong background in C# and Python.

Favoring Unity for game development.

I listen to a lot of music (and sometimes try and make my own*). My all-time favorite artists are goreshit and bye2.

*"i mean your music is awesome and i just wonder how it'd sound like if it was done in a style of sewerslvt with that one background slowed reverb sound and everything like reverbed weirdly" - sincere fan

Things I have worked on

PrismRust Community Manager, in-game admin, designer of the original homepage
Poligon A polish Discord community that I own
Behalf A short horror game I've been occasionally working on to learn Unity
6bytes.dev Literally this site
blog entries

Spotify Wrapped 202311/12/2023 17:06

I decided to make my top 100 for 2023 public, has some bangers here and there.

> link <